Authentic food on the Greek islands!

Authentic food on the Greek islands!

You can’t enjoy a Greek summer vacation without tasting all the amazing flavors you can find on the beautiful Aegean islands!

 The islands of Paros, Ios, Mykonos, and Santorini, which those on board the Sail in Greece Cruises get to discover and experience for themselves, have a cuisine based on simple, fresh flavors and ingredients, involving plenty of fruits, vegetables, local herbs and spices, seafood, and a generous helping of olive oil.

 So when you visit the sun-drenched shores of these Cycladic islands, for which dishes should you be on the lookout?

 In the lovely tavernas of Paros and Ios, keep an eye out for sundried fish, chickpea soups, and a local specialty – snails seasoned with garlic dip.  These islands are known for the particularly full flavor of these local dishes, which manage to be delicious, healthy, and inexpensive all at once. Ios is also known throughout Greece for its dairy products, particularly its variety of cheeses. Try the local “Xinotiri”, and then taste the assortment of hard and soft cheeses the island produces.

 When you get to Mykonos, take a dinner break after dipping in the island’s crystal clear waters and before visiting the island’s pumping nightlife to taste local delicacies like kopanisti and looza.  Kopanisti is a salty, spicy cheese sauce with pepper, and looza is air-dried, herb-flavored ham similar to prosciutto (but even better in taste)! Finish off your Mykonos meal with the islands amygdalota sweets, made with almonds and sugar, before heading off to discover perhaps the most peculiar and unique dishes of all in volcanic Santorini.

 Feast on tomato balls, fava beans with roasted onions, and eggplants with lamb on a cliff side taverna while taking in one of Santorini’s famous sunsets. It will be the perfect end to a tasty culinary tour of the small but colorful Aegean islands.

Looking to experience first hand the notorious Greek culinary? Join us on our Sail in Greece cruises and get ready for a food festival along the way!

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